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Dr. Juan-Carlos Duran - Artist, Photographer


Hi! I'm Dr. Juan-Carlos Durán. I’m inspired by the work of various photographers both past and present. I’m also inspired by art from the Italian Renaissance. Until recently I mostly photographed the world i.e streets, architecture, and nature. I've since shifted my focus to the human element. Once a person is the subject, the challenge to create an artistically significant image gets tougher. 

I mostly work with non-professionals as my subjects. People who aren’t working as models. A large part of my creative satisfaction comes from directing my subjects in the scene that surrounds them. Photography gives me the ability to create and control a setting. Like a painter, reflecting a mood in my photographs is important to me. I attempt to draw out a feeling from each photograph a viewer sees. The final image is a combination of on-set direction with a very hands-on editing process.  


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